Omaha’s Antiquity Supply – Curing Your Pizza Oven

This is straight from the source!  The founders of Chicago Brick Oven have put this video together to show you how to cure your new pizza oven.  If you have purchased a stainless steel pizza oven you do not need to cure your oven.  Check out their video on making …

How To Install A Paver Patio

Check out this video on how to install a paver patio.  Come down to our outdoor showroom to pick out product and get more ideas.  We offer all the supplies and tools you need to build your own patio.

How To Install A Flagstone Patio

Check Out this video from one of our stone suppliers on installing a random flagstone patio. We offer all the products and equipment you need to build a beautiful patio yourself.

Cooking In Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Omaha Nebraska

Check out this great video from Jamie Oliver on cooking in a pizza oven. We couldn't say it any better, Jamie nails it!  Antiquity Outdoor Supply carries three lines of pizza ovens, the Bella Outdoor Medio 24 and the Chicago Brick Oven are both natural wood burning and the Summerset …